Save It For The Podcast (Episode 1) Is On The Air!
Tuesday August 07th 2007, 8:48 am
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The first episode of the brand-new Save It For The Podcast podcast (p-p-p-p-PODCAST!) is available for streaming and direct download.


(direct download)

An incomplete list of the topics discussed includes:

– What sucks in Singapore?
– If given the choice, which would you do: give your dad a handjob or murder him?
– What to do when your mom gets a breast reduction
– What gay people do
– KKK vs. Terrorists: Who’s tougher?
– Judging a book its cover
– Ironic T-shirts

And just for your reference, the book cover in question is this one:

Enjoy, and feel free to send questions, comments, glowing praise and/or death threats to ross [at] hypocriticalmass.org.

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