Going Postal
Tuesday January 31st 2006, 10:31 am
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So a female ex-postal worker “went postal” yesterday and killed six people in a mail processing room before committing suicide.  Isn’t that just a little… I don’t know… cliche?  It seems like if you work in an industry that has a stereotype attached to it (like, say, all ex-postal workers come back with a gun and kill their ex-coworkers), you would go out of your way to defy those expectations by, say, not killing all your ex-coworkers.  Like the ice cream man who doesn’t molest any kids, or the milkman who never fucks another man’s wife, these are the people who open our eyes and make us rethink the way we look at the world.  Sometimes it’s the little things – a non-spicy taxi cab, for example – that make all the difference.  Sometimes it’s bigger things, like a sober Irish cop marrying a black chick.  Big or small, these are the things that push society forward toward a glimmering and tolerant future, and it breaks my heart to see people like this set progress back a whole decade, back to a time when it was more than just okay to say someone went “postal” – it was funny.  A time when people got unironically jiggy.  A time when hamsters and babies danced together in harmony.  I thought we’d moved past all that.  I guess I was wrong.

Thanks a lot, female ex-postal worker.

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