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Thursday April 26th 2007, 10:24 am
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Some friends and I were discussing hyphy the other day at a bbq. The discussion was mostly based around a simple question: What the hell is it? I think by the end of the conversation we had decided that a song becomes hyphy whenever the rapper says the word “hyphy,” except in Mims’ “This Is Why I’m Hot” where he mentions hyphy, but only to point out that he’s capable of performing in a “hyphy” style. Which is all to say that none of us have any idea what exactly hyphy is.

Luckily, some guy named Ken Tucker does!

According to Ken Tucker, a music critic for NPR’s Fresh Air, Hyphy is…

– “an abstract-expressionist version of hip hop.”

– “A kind of movie soundtrack for an urban party scene.”

– “airy absurdism.”

– “A party that doesn’t stop… with each guest trying to wear the biggest, loudest lampshade on his or her head.”

– “genially rambunctious.”

Thanks, Ken Tucker! Where were you when we were grillin’ out?!


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