Let’s play a game.
Thursday January 12th 2006, 11:30 am
Filed under: tattoos

It’s called “Good Tattoo, Bad Tattoo.” Let’s start.

nu metal forever, dude.

Korn saved my life, bro. This way I’ll never forget that. The signatures were traced off a t-shirt I got at the mall. If my dad sees it he’ll beat the fucking shit out of me, but fuck it – I’m totally gonna move out soon anyway. When I’m sixteen i’m gonna get legally emancipated and then I’ll get an apartment where I can do whatever the fuck I want and listen to Korn as loud as I want and nobody can say shit about it. Fuck, I gotta go. Meet me in the parking lot at Taco Bell later… we can pop some adderalls and go light a fire in the park.

holy fucking shit.

I don’t have anything snide to say about this because it’s the best tattoo I’ve ever seen. Seriously. The babe is smokin’ and gameboys are cool. I’d like it if maybe tetris was on the screen or something, but whatever. Maybe if there were flames in the background or there were like some skeleton hands PLAYING the gameboy that could make it better, but it’s pretty much fine the way it is. This tattoo rules.