Internal Monologue: Michael Hutchence On November 22, 1997.
Monday July 16th 2007, 11:50 am
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Maybe I should order room service. But what do I want to eat? Nothing really sounds that good… maybe a burger? They always bring it up with one of those tiny glass bottles of ketchup. I love that. Maybe a chicken sandwich? Those come with the little glass ketchup bottle, too. Maybe I’ll just order one of those. Hmm. I guess it just comes down to chicken versus beef. Fuck. You know what? I’m barely hungry, anyway. What’s wrong with you, Hutchence? You want to order room service, what – because you’re bored? If you’re so bored, how about you pull out that guitar and start writing some songs? Isn’t that what you’re doing here, holed up in this hotel? Aren’t you supposed to be writing some songs? Maybe I should write one about ordering room service. Yeah, great idea Hutchence. Just great. That must be why INXS is doing so well right now – because of great ideas like that. Sigh… I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. INXS had a pretty good run. So we’ve hit a rough patch. Big deal! We’ve had a bunch of hits, I’ve been in some movies… we’ve made our mark, I guess. If I were to die today in some sort of freak accident, at least I know that I’d be remembered as the creative genius behind INXS. No doubt. It’s not like I’d be remembered just for the bizarre nature of my own death or anything. That much I can say for sure. Maybe something good is on the tube. Hmm… nothing good on. Big surprise. Oh well. Still got some time to kill. Hmm. Maybe I’ll go engage in some good ol’ autoerotic asphyxiation.