Video Roundup.
Friday August 17th 2007, 10:28 am
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R. Kelly – Trapped In The Closet: Chapter 13-22 Preview
there’s gonna be a helicopter involved somehow. holy crap.

Batman Commercial
holy act of congress!

The Two Coreys: “Friends? Best Friends!”
that is unbelievably depressing.

Frankie & Johnnie’s Furniture Commercial
i say i say i say, this fucking rules.

Weatherman With A Green Tie

Andy Kaufman On FRIDAYS
read this background info first. so sweet.

Let Me Eat Some Corn!
that cat is totally eating corn! nom nom nom!

Bentley Green – “Hey Mama”
this kid is gonna get laid when he’s like 7.

Crazy Calls Answering Machine Tape TV Ad
how zany!

The Duct Tape Bandit
this has “viral” written all over it.

Rosie O’Donnell Acting Retarded
oldie but goodie.

Bearforce 1
“the first real ‘bearband’ of the world.” whoaaaaa.

Video Roundup.
Thursday August 02nd 2007, 8:46 am
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Anonymous on FOX11
beware the internet hate machine.

“Chocolate Rain” Original Song by Tay Zonday
i smell a meme.

What Are you Gonna Do To The Monster?
i’m sorry, but that’s fucking adorable.

Re: Daxflame interviews LisaNova!
this might be a really awesome joke, but i have a feeling that it’s not.

The Fonz And The Honk!
thanks, fonz.

Rap Cat
this is dumb but i still like it.

Zach Galifianakis

Filipino Prisoners Perform “Thriller”
if you somehow missed this one, catch it now.

Ostrich Skiing – Unbelievably
better than the video: people arguing in the comments over whether or not it’s real.

Louis CK Airline Safety Video

Slime in the Ice Machine
i don’t know what to say about this.

Jessica The Hippo
i’m pretty sure that’s a terrible idea.

Ghostride The Whip Movie Trailer
is there really 90 minutes worth of shit to say about ghostriding the whip?

Video Roundup.
Monday July 16th 2007, 12:12 pm
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Golden Eagle Vs. Deer
nature is awesome sometimes.

Deer Attacks A Hunter
did i mention the fact that nature is awesome sometimes?

Hulkster In Heaven Tribute
we will never forget.

Will It Blend? (iPhone)
spoiler alert: it will.

Larry & Althea Flynt Political Ad
that may be the single greatest t-shirt of all time.

I Keep Forgettin’
this guy didn’t buy a webcam NOT TO USE IT, you know?

KFC Commercial From 1971
is that simon & garfunkel?

Bill Plympton – (1987) Your Face
i think this was on liquid television once. it rules.

BET PSA – Read A Book
you can’t say that doesn’t get its message across.

Michael Jackson As You’ve Never Seen Him Before.
Tuesday July 10th 2007, 11:01 am
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 Back in March, the internet was getting a little stagnant. After years of development and innovation, it seemed that things had finally started to slow down. Then May came along and some dude put up a website called whiteglovetracking.com. Allowing users to draw a yellow box around Michael Jackson’s white glove in every single individual frame of a video of him performing Billy Jean, whiteglovetracking.com revolutionized everything. Now you can totally watch a video of Michael Jackson performing Billy Jean with a yellow box around his glove. Super.

Truly Astonishing Tales… Of Google Indexing Algorithms.
Monday July 09th 2007, 10:08 am
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For some reason, if you do a google image search for “realdoll” (you know – these things (way NSFW)) Hypocritical Mass is the first hit. I’m pretty sure it’s because of this post, but still – I’m getting a disturbing amount of web traffic from people searching for pictures of $6000 fuck dolls. Weird.

On a similar note, here’s a 46-minute-long documentary about Real Dolls and the owners that love them. NSFW again… unless you work in the Real Doll factory, I guess.

Bummed Out Cuz It’s Monday?
Monday July 09th 2007, 9:57 am
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Then watch this video of horses playing with balls! No, seriously. Do it right now.

Video Roundup.
Monday July 02nd 2007, 10:52 am
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the future of america.

Rocking Out!

The Octapult
can you be “into” kinetic sculptures? i think i’m “into” them.

Rock Cats
just like people!

Microsoft Surface Parody

Singing Tesla Coil
science is cool.

Menomena – Rotten Hell
slow motion food fights… also cool.

Daft Hands
you have to give this one a second.

Video Roundup
Wednesday June 20th 2007, 9:54 am
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Furries And Their Escalade!
kind of disturbing.

Iron Sheik Goes Nuts
make him humble!

Rejected Wii Games
i would play every single one of these games.

Fiktivní výbuch atomové bomby v Krkonoších (Zprávy ČT24)
i don’t know what that means, but apparently some dudes hacked the news.

747 Landing @ St. Maarten
most stressful beach ever.

Wing Sings “In The Ghetto”
more here. she seems to lean heavily on elvis & ac/dc

Ultimate Warrior Is Insane
two wrestling links in one roundup? lucky you!

Panda Dog
this is either adorable or horrifying. not sure which.

Sniff Swig Puff – Bea Arthur & Rock Hudson
holy crap.

TV Carnage Vs. NWA Via Nina Gordon
i’m pretty sure watching stuff like this makes you dumber.

Programa Tetris Japoneses
recorded off of japanese tv, uploaded by someone hispanic, then viewed by my american honky ass. the internet is so… international.

Worst Movie Scenes Ever
these are really, really bad.

Why We Don’t Call People “Home Schooled” As An Insult Anymore.
Thursday June 07th 2007, 10:20 am
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Because every once in a while you run into someone who was like this kid when they were young, only now they’re all grown up and just hanging out at a party. Then they say something really weird and you’re like “What the hell?! Were you home schooled or something?” Then all of your friends laugh but the kid just looks at you completely deadpan and goes “Yeah, I was. Why do you ask?”

(via geekologie)

Things That (Still) Rule: Great White Sharks.
Friday June 01st 2007, 10:38 am
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If you think back to your childhood, you may remember a brief (or extended) period of shark obsession. It was probably around the same time that you were obsessed with stealth bombers, dinosaurs, and He-Man. A lot has changed since those days, and certain things have lost their luster over time. Stealth bombers are a joke, dinosaurs are too remote a fantasy (for most of us), and, well, let’s face it – He-Man was kind of gay. But even though most of our childhood daydreams have been quashed, at least we’ve got something that’s still unequivocally sweet.

[gv data=”eYbCMdR38us”][/gv]

Why do kids love sharks? Because they’re totally badass! In case you’ve forgotten how sweet great whites are, Planet Earth went out in the ocean for an entire month with one of those cameras they use for filming automobile crash tests. After all that time, they finally managed to grab literally ONE SECOND of footage of a great white totally destroying a seal. What that one second of footage revealed when viewed in ultra-slow motion was nothing short of a scientific breakthrough. It’s pretty technical and there’s a lot of jargon involved – you know how these marine biologists are – but let me sum it up for you in layman’s terms: great white sharks totally fucking rule.